Pre-recorded presentations

The pre-recorded oral presentation of the papers accepted for oral presentation should be submitted before the end of August in mp4 format. The attached file provides guidelines to record the oral communication in power point. The name of the video file should be the following: paper_XXX_surname.mp4 where "XXX" stands for the paper number (e.g., 002, 022 or 222 for papers number 2, 22 and 222, respectively) and "surname" is the last name of the speaker.

In the case of papers accepted for poster presentation, prepare the poster in A0 format and save it as a pdf file with the same name format speciifed above. A free powerpoint poster template is available at

The video file (mp4) or poster presentation (pdf) should be sent to Rita Maia ( via e-mail, We Transfer ( or by sharing the file in the cloud.